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Diagram showing how students all begin with Explore the Gap and then proceed with additional services as needed towards their Gap Year planning

Families work with gap year counselors for three main reasons:

Education to guide and structure the gap year planning process.

Expertise and professional knowledge of quality program options

Mentorship to offer perspective to all sides of the conversation

Every student, family and gap year is unique, and over 25 years we have seen that not everyone wants or needs all of these services. J2Guides’ tiered, three-part model puts the student at the center of the gap year planning process, and lets you choose the level of support that is right for your family. Co-Founders Jane Sarouhan and Jason Sarouhan infuse this process with their professional expertise, personal experience and genuine desire to meet each student where they are.

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Every J2Guides student begins with Explore the Gap.

We’ve packed the most critical information, resources and insights together in our dynamic online gap year training, Explore the Gap. You will log-on live with other gappers from around the country while Jane and Jason guide you through: brainstorming, budgeting, and researching your gap year options. An interactive J2Guidebook documents your progress so that by the end of this planning accelerator you will know your gap year vision and have the tools to achieve it. Can’t make the live sessions? No problem, they will be recorded so you can stay up-to-date with the training. 


  • 4 live classes with Jane and Jason

  • 2 bonus webinars during the gap year

  • A J2Guidebook to organize and maximize your gap year planning

  • A comprehensive gap year resource list

  • Monthly start dates

  • $500 per student

Who is this good for?

  • Students who want to learn how to plan a gap year

  • Those who need to maximize their gap year budget

  • Parents who want their gapper to gain skills and confidence

  • Students looking for group and independent experiences

  • Families that are on the fence about the gap year

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Students looking for specific advice proceed with Plan the Gap

After completing Explore the Gap, some students want personalized program recommendations to help them meet their gap year goals. Those students can meet one-on-one with Jane or Jason in our Plan the Gap offering. Over the course of three power-packed sessions, your Guide will help you structure a comprehensive gap year plan and refer specific, high quality, vetted experiences for you to pursue. We never take commissions from programs so all of our recommendations are tailored to each student’s specific interests.


  • 3 one-on-one sessions with Jane or Jason

  • A curated list of student-specific program recommendations

  • Introductions to organizations

  • A comprehensive gap year plan with to-do lists and next steps

  • Start anytime after completing the first two sessions of Explore the Gap

  • $600 per student

Who is this good for?

  • Students having trouble identifying the right gap year opportunities

  • Families that don’t have enough time to thoroughly research options

  • Students who need help planning the second half of their gap year

  • Those wanting to pursue a variety of interests in their gap year

  • Families that value a continued connection with Jane and Jason

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Students interested in continued mentorship will value Bridge the Gap

Some families also want the peace-of-mind knowing that their gapper will have a longer-term mentor to support them throughout their gap year. For those families, J2Guides offers Bridge the Gap, an additional set of personalized sessions after Plan the Gap. Students continue their work with Jane or Jason to further enhance their program selection and refine their gap year interests as the year progresses. These sessions can be used at anytime in the gap year so you can make the most of our guidance when you really need it.


  • 4 one-on-one sessions with Jane or Jason

  • Additional program referrals and introductions, as needed

  • Logistical support for challenges or changes that arise during the gap year

  • On-going mentorship throughout your gap time

  • Start anytime after completing Plan the Gap

  • $700 per student

Who is this good for?

  • Students pursuing three or more activities in their gap year

  • Those who haven’t planned their entire gap year before they launch

  • Students who want strategies and resources for a highly customized gap year

  • Families that value continued support for their gapper throughout the year

  • Those that want a comprehensive gap year counseling service at an affordable rate

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J2Guides is a full service gap year counseling organization that provides expertly curated gap year planning and program resources. It's best to think of us like college counselors for the gap year.

We do:

draw out your unique interests and parameters, create a strategy and timeline for your plan, identify possible matches, and coach you along the way.

We do not:

book travel, submit applications, make payments, give medical advice, offer visa support, do college advising, or help with job placements.

Want more information before enrolling?

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"Having someone else to talk to, an objective third party, can make all the difference. While you served this role for Nick, the manner in which you did it is what made all the difference. Unfortunately in this life you come across far too few people who comport themselves with pure sincerity and compassion in their professional and personal selves.  We all feel honored and lucky to have found you."

Greg K.

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