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We have been dreaming of #vanlife for over a decade, with a sound plan to do it in 5 years. As the pandemic brought our family back to conversations about our intentions, needs and goals, we realized that this is the year to pivot in pursuit of our core values, and bring our vision of #vanlife to fruition, now.

So, we have taken our gap year advocacy, research and mentoring on the road for the 2020-2021 academic year to visit students, schools, programs, movements and monuments all over the U.S., and we hope that you will join us along the way.

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Living tnat #gapyearstateofmind

Living a #gapyearstateofmind

Gap years and new experiences go hand-in-hand, but they are so much more than that finite period of time. Our greatest hope is that students will integrate the best of their gap years into a lifelong framework of living and learning. Influenced by our own gap years and 25 years as experiential educators, we are always striving to live a #gapyearstateofmind. For us that means: knowing your why, nurturing curiosity and compassion, pushing beyond your comfort zone, striving for your best version of yourself, and doing so with integrity and authenticity ... regardless of how profound, or mundane, your location or activity.

The American Gap Year

While a tumultuous time due to the pandemic, we are gratified to see gap years focus in the U.S. There is so much to see and do here in our own vast, diverse and truly beautiful country. This year we will be visiting program sites and developing new partnerships from coast to coast. What an opportunity for us to more deeply develop our gap year resources for YOU, our current and future gap year students. The possibilities for your American gap year are endless: Adventure. Animals. Art. Building. Business. Conservation. Environment. Farming. Film. Internships. Life Skills. Music. Politics. Social Justice. Travel. Volunteering. Wellness. Wilderness. Work Exchange. Yoga. What interests or skills do YOU want to explore?

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Join our Journey

If you are a family, school or program hoping to meet up with J2Guides this year, please contact us. In advance of all meetings and site visits we send our COVID-19 protocols to ensure that you feel good about our practices and arrival.

You can follow us here, on FacebookInstagram, or our blog. Whether in person or virtually, we hope that you will join the J2Rides journey!

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