Enrollment Waiver

  • Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risks & Release and Indemnity Agreement

    J2Guides LLC agrees to enroll the client with J2Guides (be it for Explore the Gap, Plan the Gap and/ or Bridge the Gap) and to the best of our ability support the client’s process of locating gap year programs and placements that are suitable to your interests, requirements and budget.

    The client acknowledges that all fees (for Explore the Gap, Plan the Gap and Bridge the Gap) are nonrefundable and do not cover any expenses related to travel for, or participation in, programs and placements recommended by J2Guides, all of which shall be the client’s sole responsibility. The client releases J2Guides from all claims, liability, and expenses relating in any manner to property damage and personal injury experienced while traveling for or participating in programs and placements recommended by J2Guides.

    The client acknowledges and assumes the risks associated with travel for and participation in programs and placements recommended by J2Guides, having been advised of information known to J2Guides, and having made such independent inquiry as the client deems reasonable. Consequently, the client releases and agrees not to sue J2Guides or its personnel with respect to any and all claims, liabilities, suits or expenses (including attorneys’ fees and costs), for any injury, damage, death or other loss in any way connected with the client’s enrollment or participation in programs and placements recommended by J2Guides.

    J2Guides expects the client to uphold any contracts made with programs and placements including, but not limited to, policies regarding medical disclosure, culturally appropriate behavior, alcohol and drug use, attendance, and participation. J2Guides reserves the right to terminate future referrals if the client violates a program’s contract, resulting in probation or dismissal.

    The J2Guides training and program suggestions are a valuable part of the service you pay for. We kindly request that you do not share this information with others. J2Guides may share your contact information with other parents and students who wish to hear about your experience working with J2Guides, or about specific programs you have attended. We may ask programs to be in direct contact with you as you plan your gap time. We may also connect J2Guides students with each other if they are attending the same program or college.

    I the below understand that my signature is valid and legally binding whether I choose to electronically sign, or sign a printable version of this Document. I understand that by typing my name on the signature line below, I am agreeing to be bound by the contents of this Document via my electronic signature, and having it be legally binding upon me.

  • Same as used for enrollment
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