From Dance to Drawing: Exploring the Arts on a Gap Year

We believe that #everyoneisanartist. Have you ever taken your creative ideas and found a way to express them in a classroom, studio, journal or kitchen? Then you are an artist!

Photography. Film. Fashion. Music. Dance. Drawing. Painting. Ceramics. Sculpture. Theater. Art History. Writing. Jewelry Making. Woodworking. What’s your medium, and why not devote some of your gap year to LEARN IT, MAKE IT, TEACH IT, or DO IT?!

Many students put aside long-held interests in the arts due to the academic or athletic demands of high school. Whether you are an amateur or budding professional, a gap year can be an extraordinary time to rediscover your creative side, explore a new medium, deepen a skill, and certainly build a portfolio.

If you are interested in learning more about devoting some or all of your gap year to the arts, then this presentation – Advantages of the Arts: Gap Year Options in Europe – is worth your attention!

We were honored to be invited to moderate a panel of top gap year program providers in the arts. Tune into the presentation recording to meet representatives from Berridge Programs, Irish Gap Year, Art History Abroad and Cow House Studios and hear them speak about the benefits of taking a “year out” to nurture your creative curiosities.

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