Coffee with Kim: Learn about Gap Years, COVID-19 & J2Guides

Hi, my name is Kim Stodghill, and I am the founder of Stodghill College Consulting.

Life handed us all enough lemons this past year to make giant pitchers of lemonade from now until the end of COVID. It’s taken a toll on our kids who are leaving high school either so burned out by the virtual learning or so unsure of their own readiness for college, that they feel they just need a break. You can plan for a break and still end up with some pretty darn good lemonade.

How? Many students have done so by taking a gap year. Find some inspiration and invaluable information as I welcome back nationally accredited Gap Year Consultant Jane Sarouhan of J2Guides to “Coffee with Kim”.

In this 50-minute video chat, we catch-up about their adventures traveling around the country this past year visiting gap year students and programs, and she shared their top-notch approach for helping students identify their gap year options. Jane and I also talk through YOUR questions: What have gappers been able to do during COVID? How does the college deferral process work? What happens if during the gap year my child decides they don’t want to go to college? How do I find gap year experiences that I can afford?

I wish more families could and would consider a gap year experience because the growth potential for the students is extraordinary and they come back changed in so many constructive ways.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a gap year, hop on a free call with me or contact J2Guides so you can be resourceful, strategic and intentional as you move forward.

Because there’s always a way to sweeten the mix … even with the sourest of lemons.

Be well!

Kim Stodghill, Stodghill College Counseling

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