SOS4Students + J2Guides Tackle Pandemic Gap Year Planning

For us, collegial collaborations are as satisfying as our one-on-one student advising. All across the country – and the world – there are educators like us who are passionately devoted to supporting students along their personal, educational and professional journeys.

Beth Samuelson, founder of SOS4Students, is one such human. Bay Area based educational consultant and advocate, Beth has been working with families for over 25 years. Her latest series, The Inside Scoop, are free video events for families looking for expert advice.

We were thrilled to join Beth in this great partnership and hope you too get some good tips and insights if you are looking into planning a pandemic gap year. The 45 minute interview is here.

What are YOUR specific interests or questions, and how can we help?

Visit our COVID-19 Resources page. Or, head on over to our contact page and drop us an email, schedule a free, introductory call or join us for Webinar Wednesday. Happy listening, and safe travels!

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